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Overcome Fear of Blood

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Does the sight of blood make you go weak at the knees? Want a quick and easy way to wash it out of your life?

Blood phobia can fill you with anxiety. In severe cases, it can cause dizzy spells and fainting, making it impossible for sufferers to do things others take for granted, limiting career options, and even preventing them from visiting their doctor.

Blood Keeps You Alive

With the Overcome Fear of Blood subliminal session, you'll tackle and defeat your fear from the inside out!

As you listen, thousands of powerful positive affirmations will infuse your mind, helping you stay relaxed and composed.

You'll start to appreciate blood for the rare gift it is, supplying your body with oxygen and cleansing it of carbon dioxide. You'll overcome your sensitivity to the sight of blood and discover reserves of strength you never knew you had.

Simply download the Overcome Fear of Blood subliminal session, pop on some headphones, and listen, to learn how to:

  • Banish your fear of blood!
  • Stay calm and in control
  • Feel comfortable around blood

Download the Overcome Fear of Blood subliminal audio now to enjoy a tranquil and phobia-free future.

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Affirmations inside this album:

  • I am totally at ease around blood.
  • I know that blood is vital for life.
  • I think rationally about blood.
  • I can easily handle the sight of blood.
  • I donate blood without giving it a second thought.
  • I am fearless around blood.
  • Dealing with blood is no big deal.
  • I know that blood in movies is just make-up.
  • Blood keeps me healthy and alive.
  • I have a deep respect for blood.
  • I control my breathing in the presence of blood.
  • I know blood is harmless to me.

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