MP3 Listening Guide

It's easy to listen to our Subliminal Guru MP3 sessions.

Just download your 10-minute subliminal MP3, hit play, and let the subliminals do the hard work for you. You can listen purposefully, or play on repeat while you go about your day. Then sit back and get ready to be amazed at the results!

Here is a quick guide on getting started:

How to Get Started Immediately

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It's really easy to begin your subliminal experience.

Firstly, click the download link we send to you by email. Download whichever 10-minute subliminal MP3 appeals to you the most. (There are several musical styles to choose from.)

Next, get the file ready to play. If you're playing on your computer, you're already done: just open the MP3 file. Alternatively, you may wish to transfer the file to your Android or iPhone, or even burn it to a CD for playing on your stereo system.

Then, simply decide how you want to listen to the MP3 recording. You can listen actively, or passively.

  • When listening actively:

    Sit back, relax, and listen exclusively to the recording, once per day. Play at a comfortable volume. Use headphones if you can, but they're not required.

  • When listening passively:

    Simply play the session on repeat in the background, as you go about your day. You can listen while checking email, doing household chores, in the office at work, at the gym, or even while driving. Play at a comfortable volume. Be sure the session is played a few times each day for best effect. (Note: Do NOT use brainwave entrainment sessions while driving.)

Finally, keep listening in this way each day until you achieve the desired results!

Most people see early results within the first few listening sessions. We recommend listening for at least two full weeks for optimum results. Some individuals prefer to listen for a whole month, then periodically to replenish the benefits.

10 Quick Steps to Great Results.

Choose Your Flavor Image

Choose Your Flavor!

Every Subliminal Guru album comes with 6 x 10-minute subliminal music mixes.

They each contain the exact same amount of subliminal technology, but with different musical styles. Just download the sessions that match your mood!

Choose from our Acoustic mix (upbeat guitar), Brown Noise mix (distraction-blocking fuzzy sound), Rainfall mix (with occasional thunder clap), Relaxation mix (for spa-like music), Steam mix (with sounds of nature), or Workout mix (for iron-pumping, Ibiza-style!).

Keep Playing on Repeat Image

Keep Playing on Repeat!

You don't have to actively listen to subliminals in order for them to take effect. You can simply play them passively in the background, while you get on with life.

Play them on repeat while you check email, do house chores, or workout at the gym. There's no need to focus on them, just keep them playing in the background.

The subliminal affirmations will continue to soak down deep into your subconscious, helping to change your life.

Listen While You Sleep Image

Listen While You Sleep!

Many people decide to play their subliminal MP3 on repeat, as they drift off to sleep. This is a great way to take full advantage of a further 8 hours of brain training each day!

Science shows that the conscious mind turns its hearing off as you sleep. But the subconscious remains awake and alert to outside stimuli, so you should see a benefit from night-time listening.

Try picking one of the more relaxing mixes to help you along the way, such as the Relaxation mix, or the background noise blocking Brown Noise mix.

Extra Mixes

Mix it Up With More Than One Album!

Want to change more than one thing at a time? You can comfortably listen to several albums at a time, especially when playing in the background on repeat. Just add them to a playlist and you're ready to go!

When you first get started with subliminals, we do recommend you stick to 2-3 albums at a time at first, until you feel comfortable with the process.

Others Will Tell You What's Working Image

Others Will Tell You What's Working!

Keep an eye out for compliments from other people. With subliminals, the change comes from the inside. That means we often don't even see it happening within ourselves.

By paying special attention to the compliments of others, you'll begin to spot what real changes are coming through to your daily life.

There's No Need for Headphones

There's No Need for Headphones!

Headphones aren't a requirement for any of the Subliminal Guru albums – even those containing brainwave entrainment sounds. So if you don't like them, don't use them!

If you prefer to wear headphones, do. They will deliver the audio more clearly to the ear, and therefore bring slightly better results. They are also recommended for use when listening to the Spoken Subliminal mix.

Overall, however, we recommend that you go with what you feel most comfortable with.

Discover Spoken Subliminals!

Discover Spoken Subliminals!

Each subliminal album comes with its own 10-minute 'Spoken Subliminal' MP3.

This mix combines spoken word and subliminals. It's a great MP3 to help reaffirm and bring your desires back to the forefront of your conscious mind.

The Spoken Subliminals MP3 starts with the affirmations being read out loud. Then, different messages begin overlapping simultaneously, through the left and right audio channels, in addition to a background whisper mix.

To the conscious mind, the resulting jumble of words is confusing. As a result, the conscious mind zones out, and you enter an almost meditative state. The subconscious mind however continues to soak up the affirmations, and bring powerful, positive change to your daily life.

To use it, simply sit back and play this MP3 while you relax. You may close your eyes. You can listen in place of a regular listening session, or just listen once a week or so, to help reconnect your conscious and subconscious desires.

If possible, we recommend that you listen to the Spoken Subliminal session actively (ie, exclusively), and with headphones.

Enhance with Brainwave MP3s!

Enhance with Brainwave MP3s!

Every Subliminal Guru album comes with 6 x 10-minute music mixes, and a Spoken Subliminal MP3. For added power, these are also available for download with added brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment is a process where special tones are used to influence brainwave patterns, taking the listener down into a deeper, more receptive state of mind while listening.

If you are actively listening to a subliminal session (ie, you are sitting down, relaxed, and listening exclusively to a subliminal MP3), then using a brainwave-enhanced version will help increase the results you get from the session.

If you are passively listening to a subliminal session (ie, it is playing on repeat in the background), the brainwave-enhanced session will provide no additional benefit. Additionally, you should NOT listen to brainwave entrainment audio when driving or operating dangerous machinery, as it may induce a heightened relaxation response. Check our disclaimer page.

Review Every Week

Review Every Week!

For best results, we recommend that you actively review the affirmations of the sessions you are listening to each week. You can do this by visiting the relevant product page on this site, or if possible, by actively listening to the Spoken Subliminal MP3.

Our users find that this process of reminding the whole brain of your original target helps to keep goals in mind, and helps further integrate conscious and subconscious beliefs and thought processes.

Discover Subliminal 360

Discover Subliminal 360!

To further enhance your results, try installing Subliminal360 on your PC.

This program subtly flashes positive affirmations on your screen while you use it. Just select your subliminal affirmations and let this app slowly reprogram your subconscious mind – while you play games, check your email, or surf the web.

The full version of Subliminal360 comes pre-installed with copies of all affirmations used on all albums on the Subliminal Guru website.

To learn more, visit