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Be More Assertive

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Do you wish you could assert yourself more? Want a simple solution that will help you push yourself forward?

You can be assertive without being pushy. Just remember that you deserve as much out of life as the next person, and the only way you're going to get it is by making sure that everybody else knows about it.

Put Yourself First

With the Be More Assertive subliminal session, you'll discover the inner strength to become strong-willed and insistent!

As you listen, thousands of powerful positive affirmations will rewire your mind, helping you communicate your needs clearly and forcefully.

You'll start to become more confident and decisive, knowing exactly what you're entitled to. You'll put yourself at the front of the line, being generous to others but without letting it keep you from what's rightfully yours.

Simply download the Be More Assertive subliminal session, slip on your headphones, and listen, to learn how to:

  • Be forceful and self-assured!
  • Get what you want, every time
  • Make sure your needs are met

Download the Be More Assertive subliminal audio now to enjoy a more dynamic and rewarding life for years to come.

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Affirmations inside this album:

  • I can assert myself with ease.
  • Asserting myself energizes me.
  • Being assertive is empowering.
  • I am able to stand up for what I believe in.
  • I am bold, strong and powerful.
  • I love putting my ideas forward.
  • I am totally self-confident.
  • I ask the questions that need to be asked.
  • I am mentally strong and resilient.
  • I am happy to take action whenever necessary.
  • I'm someone who likes to get things done.
  • I tell it like it is openly and honestly.

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