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Let Go of Anger

Control Your Temper, with Subliminal Messages
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Are angry feelings making your life a living hell? Want a quick and easy way to eliminate them from your life for good?

When you get angry, it's hard not to lash out. But that only hurts other people and makes you feel ashamed. Wouldn't it be better if you could take control of your reactions and behave with dignity and grace?

Stop Flying off the Handle

With the Let Go of Anger subliminal session, you'll reprogram your brain to recognize anger and stop it in its tracks!

As you listen, thousands of powerful positive affirmations will work to change your thinking, helping you stay calm and in control of your emotions.

You'll start to become more relaxed about life in general, letting situations go without getting hurt or offended. You'll subconsciously remove the triggers that used to set your anger off in the first place.

Simply download the Let Go of Anger subliminal session, plug in your headphones, and listen, to discover how to:

  • Stop letting anger surface!
  • Relax and accept people as they are
  • Live a healthier, more stable lifestyle

Download the Let Go of Anger subliminal audio now to enjoy a balanced and anger-free life for years to come.

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Affirmations inside this album:

  • I focus on joy rather than anger.
  • My life is better when I let go of angry thoughts.
  • I am totally at peace with everything around me.
  • I deal calmly with unpleasant situations.
  • I easily remove anger from my life.
  • I diffuse anger and create inner peace.
  • I channel my anger into more productive activities.
  • I acknowledge angry feelings without losing control.
  • I remain composed even under intense pressure.
  • Letting go of anger is easy for me.
  • I deal calmly with frustration.
  • I always look for the positive in any angry situation.

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