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What would you like to call your album?

Let's start with your album name.

You don't have to spend too much time thinking about this. We just need a name that we can use to refer to this album.

It could be something really simple, like "Mark's Goals Subliminal Album" – or something more specific like "Leg Muscle Recovery Subliminals."

What would you like to achieve with this album?

Pause for a moment to consider what you'd really like to get from this album.

If there is an existing album on our site that provides something similar, please select the category and album from this list:

If nothing matches what you want your album to achieve, don't worry.

This step simply helps us to provide you with several template affirmations that you can customize. If you don't select an album, you'll simply enter your own on the next page.

What affirmations shall we use in this album?

Your album will be based on several positive affirmations that you choose.

These affirmations will be subliminally masked against our special music, repeated thousands of times over, ready to be soaked up by your subconscious mind.

Here's what you need to remember when writing your affirmations:

  • Keep the main goal of the album in your mind. Don't mix-and-match your desires.
  • Always write positive, life-affirming statements.
  • The shorter, the better.
  • Always write in the first person ("I am...", "My...")
  • We recommend 5 affirmations for your album, though you can have up to 20.

We've started a few sample affirmations for you here to help out. Feel free to overwrite these with your own.

Please do not ask questions here.

What background music would you like?

We need to know what kind of background music you'd prefer with your recording.

Just play a few of our samples by clicking on the album covers, and choose the one that sounds best to you.

Select the background music you'd like, then click the button below.

Would you like any additional MP3s?

We can also create several custom MP3s for you, containing different background music, to help provide more variety. These cost just $5 each.

If you'd like to select additional backing tracks, please select them here:

When finished, click the button below to continue.

Would you like brainwave versions?

Almost there!

We can also create a version of your subliminal album with added brainwave entrainment.

This means we use special tones to influence your brainwave patterns, helping to put you into a deep, relaxing state of mind, open and receptive to subliminal messages.

Would you like a brainwave version of the MP3s in your subliminal album?

This costs a flat-rate fee of just $5. You will receive both the original and brainwave-enhanced versions.

Yes, I would like brainwave MP3s too »

No, I don't want brainwave MP3s.

We're giving you a little gift!

We just thought you'd like to know that we're also going to throw in a special gift, to say thank you for ordering your personalized subliminal album from us.

When you finalize your order today, we'll also create and send to you a FREE customized Spoken Subliminal MP3.

This album starts with our narrator speaking your affirmations out loud, and then mixes them in with the music using subliminal techniques, such as Stereo Confusion.

It takes us at least an hour to put this special recording together for you, and it would normally cost $197 to purchase on its own.

But we're throwing it in, free of charge – simply to show our appreciation!

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    • Brainwave versions of all the above MP3 files
    • Total of sessions in total, spanning of customized subliminal audio!

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